Clouds Horizon is founded in 2023 by a team of cloud technology experts. The startup attracts its first customers, which include small and medium-sized businesses. User feedback helps improve the service and identify key features to be added. Clouds Horizon establishes partnerships with leading cloud service providers, enabling tighter integration with different cloud platforms and access to additional technical resources. Clouds Horizon is a startup that addresses critical issues in cloud computing, offering technology solutions and professional services that enable companies to optimize their cloud resources efficiently and securely. Its focus on innovation, scalability and customer satisfaction positions it as a major player in the cloud technology sector.


Clouds Horizon is an innovative startup in the field of cloud computing and cybersecurity that addresses the growing need of companies and organizations to efficiently manage and optimize their technology resources in the cloud. The startup was born with the purpose of simplifying and optimizing the migration, management and scalability of cloud infrastructures, while seeking to mitigate the security and cost challenges associated with these operations.


The rapid growth in the adoption of cloud services has led to an increase in the complexity of managing resources and data distributed across different cloud platforms. Enterprises face challenges such as lack of visibility and control over costs, difficulty in choosing the right cloud platform, the need to maintain data security in remote environments, and continuous optimization of resources for optimal performance. Clouds Horizon aims to solve these problems by offering comprehensive and customized solutions.