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In this initial stage, the problem or research question is identified.
A thorough review of existing literature is conducted to understand the state of knowledge on the topic.
Clear objectives are established and the specific questions that the project will attempt to address are defined.
The theoretical and methodological framework that will guide the study is designed.
Necessary resources are determined, including time, budget, personnel, and materials.



A detailed plan is developed that includes the steps to be followed and the timeline for project execution.
Potential risks are identified and mitigated and contingency strategies are established.
Team members are assigned roles and responsibilities.
Data collection and statistical analysis methods are determined, if applicable.
Evaluation criteria and indicators to measure project success are established.



At this stage, the work is carried out as planned.
Data are collected according to the defined methods.
Analyze the data collected using the previously specified techniques.
Project progress is monitored and adjustments are made as necessary.
Progress, problems encountered and solutions applied are recorded.



In this final phase, the data collected are interpreted and conclusions are drawn.
The final report describing the findings of the study is written.
The results are presented to interested parties, either in written reports, presentations or scientific publications.
Implications of the findings are discussed and possible areas for future research are suggested.

If the plan doesn’t work – change the plan, not the goal.

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Why Choose Us? Experience and Expertise: We have a highly trained and experienced cloud technology team. Customization: We are committed to offering customized solutions that are tailored to your company's specific needs. Security: We prioritize the security and privacy of your data, implementing the most advanced cyber security measures. Ongoing Support: We are here to provide technical support and advice at all times, ensuring your company's continued success in the cloud.